We at JMC Home Improvement Specialists pride ourselves knowing that our relationships with our clients are what makes us stand apart in the home remodeling and reconstruction industry.  Based on Guild Quality surveys to all of our clients, we appreciate the fact that over 93% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family.  Knowing that we’ve been in the community since 1977 and that we’ll be here when you need us most, are other assets that set us apart from our competition.

JMC Design Process Office ManagerWe are always striving to make your experience with us the best possible one that you can have during your bath, kitchen, basement, alteration or addition.  We are continually refining our processes and procedures to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks during your project and you know that you’re in the best possible hands.  We get to know you and your family through an in-depth process so that we ensure your home reflects the best possible solutions.

We believe investment in your home is an investment in your future.  It is an investment that you and your family can enjoy now and for years to come.  We continually refine our project process to ensure that our homeowners are completely satisfied with their experience with JMC and that we have exceeded their expectations.  We continually evolve our processes based upon feedback we get throughout your project, and we survey every client regardless of the size of the job.

Most projects follow the process below.  Of course, based upon the details involved in the project, there may be more (or fewer) meetings between the homeowner and the designer, John MacDougall and/or the project manager.


Our basic process follows these steps.

Step 1

When you first call JMC, you’ll speak to our office manager, and then in most cases, you’ll talk to John MacDougall so that he can find out more about your project, your needs, and expectations.  He’ll briefly talk you through the process, and an appointment will be set for your free, in-home consultation with John.

Step 2

John will come to your home to see your space and ask detailed questions about what you’re looking for, take measurements and photos, and find out more about your space requirements, family, timing and budget.

Step 3

A proposal will be developed, based upon your meeting with John, which will include an outline of your project, initial specifications, details about permits and scheduling.

Step 4

Once you have decided to work with JMC, we’ll schedule a showroom visit, where you’ll meet with our design team to go through your selections, including fixtures, tiles, furnishings, cabinetry.John MacDougall - JMC Home Improvement

Step 5

You and your project manager will have a pre-construction meeting at your home where he’ll take more detailed measurements, and go through your project detail by detail.  He will lay out the schedule, what you can expect while JMC works in your home, and take more detailed photos of the project space.  He’ll ask you where you want the crew to park, what time works best for them to start, where materials can be stored during the course of the project. (We typically set up a temporary staging area, including shelves, in your garage, if practical.)

Step 6

Computerized plans will be drawn for you to review.  Once you have approved the plans, we will submit them to your town for permits, and then begin the process of material acquisition for your project.

Step 7

Once all of the materials have arrived at our warehouse, we will confirm your project start date and schedule all rough inspections.

Step 8

Your job starts.  Based upon your pre-construction meeting, the staging area for all of your project’s materials will be put together, all materials will be delivered to your home, and the area will be staged.  This includes laying plastic on the floors around the project area, putting up a ‘door of plastic’ to capture any dust and debris, and placing a fan in the room to exhaust any additional dust out of the home.  If necessary, a dumpster will be used for the debris.  If the size of the job doesn’t warrant a dumpster, JMC will truck out all debris each day.

Step 9

Work on your space begins.  Actual steps depend upon the type of home renovation project you are doing.



What to Expect throughout the Project

During the first week of work in your home, expect to hear from Tammy, our designer, to see how things are going.  Your project manager will be on-site frequently.  John MacDougall will call you during the course of the job to make sure you’re happy, and if you have any concerns.  Of course, we expect you to call us if any issues arise so that we can attend to them immediately to ensure your experience with JMC stays on schedule, on budget, and to your fullest satisfaction.  You will always hear from the crew each morning to let you know they will be there at the appointed time.  Our goal is for the completion of your project with a zero punch list.  That means we want to ensure all details are finalized, again on schedule and within budget.

For more details, please review our “Remodeling Your Bathroom the JMC Way” to get a full picture of the work that gets done for a simple bathroom.  This illustrates our process.

Testimonials on the JMC Process: