2019 Home Remodeling Trends

Posted on:  February 7, 2019

Are you still shopping for stainless steel appliances? Have you decided to go with a modern white kitchen design? Considering a bathroom with custom vanities? You may want to reconsider. Some styles come and go, while others may stick around for years. In 2019, the latest home remodeling trends point to the end of stainless steel appliances, disappearing white kitchens, and a shift towards industrial looks in the bathroom.

Remodeling Trends to Consider in 2019

Here are some of the more interesting trends for 2019 and beyond:

  • No more stainless steel appliances – Appliances in the kitchen are turning away from stainless steel, with many opting for a classic, all-black look, while the more daring are choosing bolder colors, like bright greens, reds, pinks, blues, and more. Even commercial-style stoves are becoming more colorful, while retro stoves are also making inroads in the same bold finishes.
  • The end of the white kitchen – Along with the bolder appliance colors comes kitchens with darker cabinets, contrasting wood finishes, and more daring, eye-catching design elements. Matte finishes are also becoming popular, giving the darker kitchens a subdued look.
  • Skipping the upper cabinets – Many homeowners are choosing a more open, flowing kitchen concept, by either eliminating the upper cabinets altogether or replacing them with simple yet attractive metal shelving.
  • No more granite – Granite counterparts have been the must-have item in the modern kitchen for decades, but they are now being replaced by quartz, a man-made composite that is stronger, more durable, easier to install, and available in a far wider variety of finishes.
  • The end of boring backsplashes – Simple one- or two-color backsplashes have gone the way of the dinosaur, being replaced by attractive, eccentric tile designs with intricate patterns and dozens of colors.
  • Showing off the plumbing – Boring vanity cabinets in the bathroom are being replaced by industrial- or institutional-style sinks with attractive, exposed plumbing finished in vibrant copper and dark cast iron hues.
  • An end to stainless steel and nickel – Nickel and stainless steel faucets in the bathroom are being replaced by copper, pewter, gunmetal, brass, or even gold hardware, giving a nice contrast to the dark or neutral bathroom finishes that are now becoming more popular.
  • Bring in the concrete – Bathrooms are gaining more concrete and plaster elements, from custom concrete sinks and showers to plastered walls. The monolithic concrete structures are being offset by natural woods, porcelain, steel, and other elements to break up the design and offer contrast.

To learn more about these and other 2019 home remodeling trends, talk to our design team at JMC Home Improvement Specialists. We stay current with the latest trends so that we can help you create an ideal kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home renovation that will stand the test of time.

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