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What is Design-Build?

So, you’ve decided you’re ready to remodel your home. You’re about to embark on an exciting journey. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is who to hire to complete the project.
A design-build remodeling firm provides both design and construction services under one roof, managing the entire process for you from start to finish.
JMC Home Improvement Specialists have been operating as a design-build firm for over 40 years, and we’ve perfected our process over the years, and we believe there are many advantages to utilizing a design-build firm.
Design-build brings the entire remodeling process – from design through construction – under one roof. This means you get a design that fits your budget, a streamlined process, and the security of knowing that one team is responsible for every aspect of your project.
At the heart of our design-build process at JMC is open and constant communication, facilitated by a project manager and designer who guide you through each stage of your home remodel. We’re proud to go to work each and every day, turning houses into homes.
Our design-build process enables us to bring peoples’ dreams to reality, and as 98% of our past clients have said they would recommend JMC to their network, we think they agree!
If you’re ready to remodel, we’re ready to start.

Hiring a Design-Build Remodeler vs. a New Jersey General Contractor

Choosing an award-winning design-build remodeler is the most important decision you’ll make during the renovation process.

The design-build process creates one unified team within the company who handle everything from design to- you guessed it building. This eliminates the need to coordinate multiple teams, which decreases the chance for miscommunications or budget overages. 

With a general contractor, all work besides the building aspect is subcontracted to various vendors. Though this process usually brings a successful result, as well, the likelihood of miscommunications, budget overages, misunderstanding of homeowners needs, wants, and input is far greater than when working with a design-build team. As they say, sometimes there are “too many cooks in the kitchen”. Or bathroom, or any other room of your home you’re looking to remodel.

At JMC, our five step design-build process means we work with you from start to finish. This method simplifies the project planning stages and ensures you can sit back and maximize the benefits of your new space.


Benefits of Design-Build

JMC Design-Build Home Remodeling in New Jersey | JMC Home Improvement Specialists - Step 1


From the very beginning, a design-build firm works with you to create a reasonable budget for a custom project design that will also be built by them. There is one team to manage every step, including the staff, vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers that are involved.

JMC Design-Build Home Remodeling in New Jersey | JMC Home Improvement Specialists - Step 2

Thoughtful Design

Since a design-build firm is home to both construction and design, the team is able to foresee potential issues before they occur. This is important as it ensures that your design can be done within budget, and also safeguards that your design is structurally sound.

JMC Design-Build Home Remodeling in New Jersey | JMC Home Improvement Specialists - Step 3

Easy Process

A design-build remodeler has a time-tested process that enables them to complete your project successfully. It will include plenty of opportunities for you to meet with designers and project managers during the process so that you know where things stand at any time.

JMC Design-Build Home Remodeling in New Jersey | JMC Home Improvement Specialists - Step 4


A design-build firm’s expertise is in both design and construction so you can count on functional and beautiful designs that are built within existing building codes, with outstanding craftsmanship.

JMC Design-Build Home Remodeling in New Jersey | JMC Home Improvement Specialists - Step 5

Single Point of Contact

One team, one point of contact. One place to ask your questions and one place to receive answers and updates! The streamlined design-build practice helps make every project less stressful for the homeowners.


Virtual Home Remodeling Consultations

in New Jersey

Begin your remodeling project with JMC’s team of design-build experts from the comfort and safety of your own home!


Do We Remodel in Your Area?

JMC Home Improvement Specialists Remodels Homes in the Following Areas of New Jersey: 


All of Morris County, NJ

Essex, NJ

  • Livingston
  • Maplewood
  • Montclair
  • North Caldwell
  • Short Hills
  • West Caldwell
  • West Orange

Union, NJ

  • Berkely Heights
  • New Providence
  • Scotch Plains
  • Springfield
  • Summit
  • Watchung
  • Westfield

Passaic, NJ

  • Wayne

Somerset, NJ

  • Basking Ridge
  • Bedminster
  • Bernardsville
  • Bridgewater
  • Far Hills
  • Gladstone
  • Martinsville
  • Warren

Sussex, NJ

  • Sparta

Is your city not on this list? Reach out to see if we can still remodel your home.

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