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With JMC Home Improvement Specialists, your experience is our greatest concern. The longevity of our company comes through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail, respecting our customers’ budgets and homes, and our integrity.

We also strive to create a work environment where all members of our company family are recognized for their quality work and are developed to reach their potential. JMC is the only home remodeling contractor you’ll ever need or want to do business with.

You can entrust your most valuable asset -- your home -- to us.

JMC Home Remodeling Specialists - New Jersey | About Us

Since 1977, John MacDougall has built a strong and reliable team of professionals and skilled crafts people.  In addition to longevity and continuity of service, JMC employs people who join together to create a hard working team.  We pride ourselves in our team and how long most members have been with our family.  You will get to know the members of our family as they work on your home remodeling project.

All of the JMC office and field crews are employees of JMC – not subcontractors. We are very selective about who we choose to employ, ensuring that they share our vision for quality work and respect of our clients.  Before anyone is hired, we go through an extensive interview process and background check.  This enables us to have complete control of our schedule, the quality of work performed in your home, and the outcome you will be most satisfied with. We are proud of the longevity of our design-build team, and their work. We do bring in specialty trades such as electricians and plumbers; however, they are people with whom we’ve worked for many years. All of our partners are properly licensed and insured.

Our Pledge to You

JMC's Pledge

“To build enduring client relationships, we provide you with a worry-free home improvement experience as we turn your dreams into reality. We’ll earn your trust and respect by upholding our core values in everything we do.”


Working With a Design-Build Contractor

Many times, prospective customers choose which company to work with based solely on price, but price should not be the only factor in choosing your contractor. Often, a low price is a red flag and should be a cause for concern. JMC has over 40 years of residential remodeling experience using top-notch project managers, carpenters, tile workers, electricians, and plumbers — some of whom have been with us for over 20 years. We are very selective about whom we choose to employ, ensuring that they share our vision for quality work.

JMC Home Improvement Specialists Statistics About Us | New Jersey Design-Build Home Remodelers

Addressing specific concerns and requirements in the planning stage is vital to the success of every project. Prior to starting your project, your Project Manager will meet with you, in your home, to go over every step, outlining the process, answering all of your questions, and defining expectations.

Choosing the proper materials for your project is a responsibility we take seriously. Clients are invited to visit our convenient Morris County showroom to discuss options for materials, fixtures and finishes with our talented design team who will guide you through the process. With a large variety of the most current materials and finishes to choose from, JMC can recommend the perfect finish for your style of living. We work with the leading manufacturers in the home industry and are certain that we can meet your every need.

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Benefits of Design-Build

Respect | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


Each member of the JMC team will respect your home and wishes. We will become partners in your home renovation project to ensure that you receive the best quality care possible.

Protect | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


During your project, we will ensure a safe environment for your family, pets and property. This will be our top priority throughout your remodeling project. Your jobsite will be safe, neat, clean and organized.

Communication | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


You will receive on-going communication with the JMC team throughout the course of your project. Our communication is intended to keep you informed, enable the key members on your project to be on the same page, and avoid any surprises to you.

Remodeling Cost Savings

Cost Savings

The Design-Build method ensures accurate budgeting and leaves less room for overages, due to streamlined communication. There is generally no major expense surprises in the middle of Design-Build projects, as the designer and builder are one team.

Responsiveness | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


You will receive return calls and / or e-mails promptly during the course of your renovation project. Out team makes a point to proactively communicate swiftly.

Confidence | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


You will have confidence knowing that your project is our priority and we follow our procedures, enabling JMC Home Improvement Specialists to do quality work for you.

Knowledge | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


Through all phases of your project, we will provide you with information regarding plans, expectations, procedures, and personnel who will be on your job.

Input | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


You will be asked for honest feedback as the work is being done, and after your job has been completed. This enables us to hear your concerns immediately, to ensure that you are part of the process, and the end result will exceed your expectations.

Care | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


You will receive excellent care and service from all of our team members. Our processes set the stage for each member of our team and what they need to do to get your job done well.

Individualized Treatment | JMC Home Remodeling Specialists 5-Step Process


You will receive individualized treatment from everyone at JMC Home Improvement Specialists regardless of the size of your project. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

JMC Home Remodeling Specialists - New Jersey | About JMC

The JMC Process

JMC - 5 Step Design-Build Remodeling Process in New Jersey

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