2023 Home Remodeling Trends

Posted on:  October 17, 2022

It’s time to think about bringing your home into the present with a home remodel. But what are the popular trends you should consider for 2023? What are the trending colors and styles? Which architectural elements and features should you talk to your designer about?

2023 Home Remodeling Trends

New Trends for 2023

As with most design elements, the trends emerging in 2023 aren’t brand new, but they are seeing a spike in popularity coming into the new year. 

The New Neutral

The 2023 color of the year is a fresh, subtle, and comforting blush-beige. This grounded tone of blush offers a new take on neutral that stands alone beautifully and coordinates with many other tones to create palettes that range from subdued to striking. Pair blush-beige with cream for a serene vibe or any wood tone for a nature-centric look. 

Blush-beige also pairs extremely well with the earthy greens from the 2022 colors of the year. If you used these earthy greens in your latest kitchen renovation on your bottom cabinets, for example, this color will look fantastic on the walls or your kitchen island

Arches and Alcoves

The trend of introducing more curves in home design is seen in arches and alcoves. Arches have a Mediterranean aesthetic that feels organic and cozy. From built-ins to doorways, arches add an interesting architectural element that’s both trendy and timeless. You can also incorporate arches in your updated windows and between porch posts. Talk to your remodeler about adding an expansive archway in your open floor plan to differentiate the kitchen from the living space. 

Alcoves were classically used as recesses to display sculptures, but today’s alcoves can be used as a tucked away place for a desk, a small reading nook, or for built-in bookshelves to display your collection. 

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is no longer considered a feature of palatial estates of long ago. As entertaining friends and family continue to be a trend for homeowners, remodeling the kitchen becomes more of a need than a want. Increased storage, adding a sink, and having a spot to stow dirty dishes until the party is over can all be accomplished with the addition of a butler’s pantry. For your kitchen remodel, talk to your designer about including this incredibly useful space in your plans.


2023 Trends That Take 2022 Trends to the Next Level

Some home remodeling trends in 2022 are sticking around but reaching new heights in style and function in 2023. If you were waiting to see what home remodeling design trends were out and what’s sticking around in 2023, look to these updated trends. 

Elevated Home Office

The at-home workspace is here to stay as many people have either recognized its usefulness or continued to work from home. However, instead of being a space behind closed doors that’s completely utilitarian, the home offices of 2023 will be more lavish and a place where you won’t mind spending hours each day. 

In your home office remodel, focus on introducing lots of natural light, upgrade your light fixtures to a modern chandelier and task lighting, a door that leads to an outside sitting area, custom storage, and high-end luxe upholstery. We spend a lot of time in our home offices nowadays, so make it an experience you’ll enjoy. 

Bathroom Spa Features

The bathroom at-home spa is also here to stay. Spa-like fixtures and finishes offer an elevated experience for your everyday needs. Bathroom remodeling ideas in 2023 are built off of the previous year, but take advantage of a wider variety of high-end features that became the norm. Natural stone tile, a custom vanity, a walk-in shower with sprayers and steam, radiant-heated floors, and a large freestanding tub will create a luxury bathroom retreat right in your own home. 

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

In 2022, the increasingly popular trend of bringing the outside in through materials, plant life, and natural light and expanding your indoor spaces to the outdoors continues into 2023. In 2023, continue to blur the space between the inside and outside. Take it to the next level with a retractable glass wall. Continue some of the materials and finishes from your indoor space to the outdoor space for a cohesive design that will make your living area feel twice as large

In 2023, we also expect to see more natural materials being brought from the outside, in. Wool, natural wood, a living wall, rough-cut stone, and other natural materials are finding their way into interior design. More large-scale ways to introduce nature are reclaimed beams, rough-hewn wood, fiberglass wood-look windows, and large expanses of picture box windows. 

Smart home technology 

Smart home technology is becoming more and more common, and this trend is likely to continue in 2023. Whole home automation is also becoming more accessible as technology advances. Programmable thermostats, lighting, window shades, and even shower heads make life just a little easier and can even reduce your utility bills. 

Increase home security with locks, security cameras, and outdoor lighting that you can control from your smart device. Touchscreen appliances, hands-free faucets, and wifi-enabled refrigerators streamline every part of your kitchen experience. 

Maximizing Indoor Entertainment

The past few years have been prime time for increasing the opportunities to find entertainment right at home, and the basement is a great space to do just that. Your basement remodel has the potential to be anything you’d want. A theater, a home bar, a gaming space, a home gym, yoga studio–anything. Make your basement remodel something personal and fun. 


2022 Trends That Will Be Outdated in 2023

What 2022 design trends are out for 2023? If your home has these dated trends, be sure to talk to your designer about making much-needed updates. 

Bright Colors and Cool Grays

Bright colors may start to become dated by 2023 as homeowners move towards more neutral palettes. On the other end of the tonal spectrum, cool grays continue to be phased out of interior spaces. Come back to center with earth tones and warm neutrals that are soothing and refreshing. 

Dark Wood

In 2022, we saw a trend of light or natural wood tones taking the place of more traditional dark tones. The kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, wood-look luxury vinyl tile flooring, and trim are being replaced with much lighter counterparts. The switch brings in a more calming look that also looks modern and carries natural light further into a space. 

Basic Lighting Fixtures

2023 is the year to embrace elegance and bold style, as long as it’s balanced with other understated elements. Trends in bathroom and kitchen lighting are continuing toward luxury. The typical recessed lighting is fine for added illumination, but punch up your standard lighting with a showstopping chandelier or a series of bold pendant lights over the kitchen island, bathroom vanity, and dining room table. 


Start 2023 off Right With the Right Design Team

Your home remodel should include design elements that are both trending and timeless. To pull off the perfect balance, work with a remodeling team that excels at both. JMC Home Improvement Specialists are experts at mixing the latest in interior remodeling trends and timeless designs that will never feel dated. Contact JMC Home Improvement Specialists for a consultation about adding fresh design elements to your home. 


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