Our Team

Since 1977, John MacDougall has built a strong and reliable team of professionals and skilled crafts people.  In addition to longevity and continuity of service, JMC employs people who join together to create a hard working team.  We pride ourselves in our team and how long most members have been with our family.  You will get to know the members of our family as they work on your home remodeling project.

John G. MacDougall, President

John MacDougall founded of JMC Home Improvement Specialists in 1977. He originally started as an apprentice working for others and quickly realized that the way to control the quality of work was for him to start his own home improvement and remodeling business.  John oversees all operations and has maintained his hands-on approach to running all of the projects, from the smallest home repairs to the largest home additions.  The goal for John and the JMC team is to ensure that each and every customer has the best home improvement experience possible.

“I have worked with JMC on many projects over 15+ years.  John MacDougall has always been very professional and he has now taken his operation to another level.  Very focused on customer satisfaction.  I am very satisfied with our current project”.  Comments from a Morris Plains homeowner, basement renovation plus other projects, Guild Quality Customer Survey 1/2012


Tammy Apolonia, Designer & Project Coordinator

Tammy joined JMC Home Improvement Specialists in 2005 and since then has been an integral member of our design team. She earned an Associates Degree of Interior Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, graduated National Honor Society, and won Best Portfolio for Interior Design at AiPH.Tammy is very active in her community, running two Tough Mudders (10+ mile mud obstacle course) to support Wound Warriors, and hosts Alex’s Lemonade Stand with her three nieces in support of Childhood Cancer Research.

“Tammy was great to work with; great guidance and her suggestions were right on point; bath looks great. All the design elements really came together well. Tammy helped with great selections. Thanks Tammy!” Comments from a Basking Ridge homeowner, bath makeover, Guild Quality Customer Survey 12/2010


Jessica Fonda, IT & Marketing Coordinator

Jessie has been with JMC since 2005 and keeps our office running smoothly by ensuring all of our technology is up-to-date, including our computers, GPS units and digital cameras (which each of our field crew has), and laptops.  Jessie is also an integral member of our customer service team, working with our customers and project managers to make sure that communication remains open at all times.  She provides support to every member of the JMC team whether it involves billing, marketing support, providing information to the crew and president of the company.

“Everyone in the office makes you feel important, no matter how big or small, your project is important.  There is a lot of trust in this relationship.  A belief that the company is fair and doing what’s best for me, as the client.”    Comments from a Morris Plains homeowner, basement alteration, Guild Quality Customer Survey 12/2010


Linda Fonda, Chief Financial Officer

Linda has been with JMC since 1988.  She has been John MacDougall’s steady right hand, guiding him and keeping the financial accounts throughout the company’s ups and downs.  Linda’s professional manner and deep knowledge of accounting and financial reporting has made her an irreplaceable asset to the company.

“I really have no suggestions for how JMC can improve.  They were so organized with how they completed the job and all the steps.”  Comments from a Florham Park homeowner, bath remodel, Guild Quality Survey 8/2011


Debbie Perry, Office Manager

For over 10 years, Debbie has been running the JMC office effectively and efficiently.  She is the first person you will speak to when you call us for any reason.  Debbie brings a strong organizational and marketing background to our home improvement business.  You will know that when you have a concern, Debbie is quick to act on that concern to ensure that your home renovation project continues to run smoothly.

“ I dealt with Debbie most of the time (but it was the same way with all of the staff), and she was so polite and I can’t say enough nice things about the entire staff.  They are very professional and very good and very clean on the job site.”  Comments from a Randolph homeowner, basement alteration, Guild Quality Survey, 4/2011


Jack Smith, Project Manager

For over 25 years, Jack has worked in the home remodeling industry, specializing in kitchen renovations.  Although he is the newest member of our team, he has quickly earned the respect of our field crews and our homeowners.

“Project management, setting and meeting expectations and correcting any unexpected flaws quickly.”  Comments from a Cedar Knolls homeowner, Guild Quality Survey, 11/2011

All of the JMC office and field crews are employees of JMC and not sub-contractors.  We are very selective about whom we choose to employ, ensuring that they share our vision for quality work and respect of our clients.  Before anyone is hired, we go through an extensive interview process and background check.  This enables us to have complete control of our schedule, the quality of work performed in your home, and the outcome you will be most satisfied with.   We are proud of the longevity of our team and their work.   We do bring in specialty trades such as electricians and plumbers; however, they are people with whom we’ve worked for many years.  All of our partners are properly license and insured.

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