How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in New Jersey in 2023?

Posted on:  December 5, 2022

Does your bathroom feel somewhat lackluster? Maybe it's missing something, or the layout isn't for you anymore. A bathroom should be a place for self-care and relaxation. It should be efficient, with features to help you be at your best whether you're starting your day, going out, or staying in. As one of the most complex working rooms in your home, a bathroom remodel has some essential benefits.



What Is the Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in New Jersey?

Whether you want to add spa features, enhance and update the style, or completely change your bathroom layout, bathroom renovations offer peace of mind when it's complete, and you can enjoy your beautiful new space. But before you can plan your bathroom renovation, let's learn about the cost of a bathroom remodel. 

Every bathroom remodeling project is a bit different. However, the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report groups projects in a way that helps us understand the general range so you'll have an idea of what to expect. Here, we'll discuss the potential costs of such a project depending on the focus and scope of your renovation goals. 


What Affects the Cost of a Remodel

Within the cost differences for different levels of a bathroom remodel are several variables that make up those differences.


The scope of a project refers to how much work will be completed. This can range from cosmetic updates, like replacing fixtures and finishes, to a total gut job or room addition. Within each level of scope are more sublevels. Consider the difference between laying large tiles and laying custom penny tiles.


As you can guess, a 5x8 bathroom remodel will cost less than a 10x15 bathroom remodel, given that all the finishes are the same.

Grade of Finishes

Builder-grade finishes and luxury finishes vary in price drastically. For example, an upscale bathroom remodel, and a midrange remodel of the same size will vary by tens of thousands due to individual product price differences.

Contracted Services

If your bathroom remodel will need specialized technical work, your contractor will likely require a subcontractor to complete specialty work. There will also be a price difference based on the design services you choose, like an architect.


Bathroom Remodeling Costs at a Glance

The 2022 Cost vs. Value Report divides bathroom remodeling costs into three categories: midrange, upscale, and universal. Let's look at the average prices for bathroom remodels in New Jersey.


Midrange Bathroom Remodel

A midrange bathroom remodel of a 5x7 bathroom will include replacing all fixtures, the bathtub-shower combo, white commode, vanity, medicine cabinet, and lighting. This remodeling level also includes installing ceramic tile flooring, a shower wall, and fresh paint. A midrange remodel in New Jersey will cost around $35K-$45K. 


Upscale Bathroom Remodel

An upscale bathroom remodel cost considers the expansion of a 35-square-foot bathroom to a 100-square-foot bathroom within the home's existing footprint. This will change the layout of the existing bathroom, including plumbing and electrical work, framing, and drywall. 

This level also includes the addition of a walk-in shower with ceramic tile, body-spray fixtures, and a glass enclosure. You will also have the luxury of a freestanding tub with high-end fixtures, double vanity with a stone countertop, and custom lighting. The tile work in the upscale remodel uses sizeable ceramic tile on the floor and shower walls. 

The upscale remodel also features a separate commode closet for added privacy and custom cabinetry with plenty of storage. To finish, your upscale bathroom also includes radiant in-floor heating. 

The average cost for an upscale bathroom remodel is around $60K-$90K. Smart features, natural stone tiles, a steam shower, and other high-end or luxury features will continue to increase the cost, but also your quality of life. 


Universal Bathroom Remodel

Universal bathroom remodels involve updating the space with regard to aging in place. It features amenities meant for accessibility and safety. For example, a 5x7 bathroom will be renovated to be wheelchair accessible, with light switches lowered to sitting level and an accessible commode. A universal bathroom also features a curbless walk-in shower with an adjustable showerhead, seat, and bi-directional shower door.

This bathroom remodel includes luxury vinyl tile flooring with radiant in-floor heating beneath. Ceramic tile will cover the walls, and several towel and pull bars will be placed throughout. Finally, the storage options in this bathroom will all be accessible at the seated level. The universal bathroom remodel costs, on average, $90K.


How Much Value Does A Bathroom Renovation Add To A House?

A bathroom remodel at the midrange level will fetch a return on investment (ROI) of 56%. An upscale bathroom remodel will gain an ROI of slightly less, at 52%. The universal remodel will receive an ROI of 55%.

The higher luxury products that add to the cost of an upscale remodel garner a lower ROI because, typically, higher-end finishes tend to be more personalized, which means that midrange finishes tend to appeal to a larger market. In contrast, higher-end finishes target a smaller market. And there are, of course, exceptions to the rule.


Start Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Trends continue to change; a bathroom built 20 years ago will undoubtedly look dated, and the layout may no longer work for you. Instead, update your bathroom's finishes, expand its footprint, create an in-home spa, or ready your bathroom for aging in place. 

JMC Home Improvement Specialists are here to help guide you through the process of deciding the best direction for your bathroom remodel. We value your experience and put your design goals at the center of every project. Contact the experts at JMC to schedule a consultation about your bathroom remodel today. 


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