Best Restaurants in Union County, NJ

Posted on:  November 3, 2021

If you're looking for a great Union NJ restaurant, you've got lots of viable options. There's a whole lot of culture in and around this general region due to the proximity to New York City. But you've got so much more than just big city eats and flashy clubs waiting to be discovered. There's everything for any occasion and any sensibility, too many, really. So we asked some of our veteran renovations pros here at JMC Home Remodeling to list off some of their favorite eateries and watering holes. Here's what we came up with.

Best Restaurants to Eat at in Union County

10 Great Restaurants in and Around Union NJ


1. Publick House

899 Mountain Ave, Mountainside, NJ 07092

Falling under the unfortunate sounding category of “gastropub,” Publick House is a bar, now a restaurant, and is well worth a visit. They just opened their American fare menu, including salads, and their local audience is really loving it. It's a great place for cocktails and always has been. But now, it's becoming a very popular spot to blow off steam, have a great, filling meal, and get gassed up for a Friday night concert in the spring.

Food You Can Find at Publick House

They offer outdoor dining and takeout.


2. The Wasai Bistro

232 Centennial Ave, Cranford, NJ 07016

If you enjoy fine dining and Asian cuisine, the Wasai Bistro is the spot for you. They offer both French and Japanese dishes, and their upscale take on Japanese food is not to be missed. It's a relatively unusual mix, but not unheard of. They do both very well, and their reviews show it. It's a great spot to eat if you want to go out dancing. The food is not filling, leaving you open to a night of activity.

Food Similar to What You Can at Wasai Bistro

They offer outdoor dining and takeout.


3. El Chingon Tex-Mex Mexican Restaurant

1996-1998 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083

The Tex-Mex genre of dining has been increasingly popular since the early 2000s, and there's no sign the trend is slowing. El Chingon is a great choice for this relatively new breed of American comfort food. It's more upscale than your average eatery of its kind, which means you can expect the best this style of cuisine has to offer.

Food Similar to What You Can Find at El Chingon

They also do delivery and takeout.


4. Paragon Tap & Table

77 Central Ave, Clark, NJ 07066

Another “gastropub,” Paragon really fills out this growing niche well with filling American style fare like burgers and fries. This is one such establishment that takes its food very seriously. More restaurant than bar, they fill out both roles well, owing some credit to the common wisdom that it's best to eat before enjoying spirits.

Food Similar to What You Can Find at Paragon Tap & Table

They offer outdoor dining, delivery, and takeout.


5. The Butter Chicken Factory

261 South Avenue E, Westfield, NJ 07090

The only Indian cuisine restaurant on our list, The Butter Chicken Factory's chefs are masters of the complex herbs, spices, this style of cooking is known for. The locals absolutely love this place and have lavished it with praise. They have a solid five star rating from local reviewers, and they have earned it. Also, they're named after a specific dish for a reason, (Hint, get the butter chicken!)

Food Similar to What You Can Find at The Butter Chicken Factory

They also do delivery and takeout.


6. Boulevard Five 72

572 Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

If you're looking for an excellent spot for a quick Saturday afternoon lunch, this is it. Boulevard Five 72 is also well praised for its dinner menu. This is a fine dining establishment with a relatively down to earth feel to it, making it a great spot for great food without the stuffy atmosphere. Think of it as a steakhouse with a penchant for the finer things. It's dine-in only, so save it for a time when you're not in a rush and can enjoy a leisurely meal with friends and family.


7. Roosterspin


Roosterspin is THE spot for fun food with an Asian flair. They offer Korean menu selections for patrons with an appetite. But they also offer chicken wings and small tapas plates for those with plans for the evening. They have recently upgraded their outdoor dining, which has been a hit in recent months.

Food Similar to What You Can Find at Roosterspin

They also offer delivery and takeout.


8. La Campagnola

520 S 31st St, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

No list of great restaurants near Springfield NJ would be complete without a well-loved, local Italian place, and La Campagnola fills this role admirably. Loved by locals and reviewers alike, La Campagnola will satisfy even the pickiest of Italian food connoisseurs. This is another dine-in-only spot, so bring an appetite and make yourself at home.

Food Similar to What You Can Find at La Campagnola

9. 1958 Cuban Cuisine

301 S Ave W, Westfield, NJ 07090

Not many people are familiar with Cuban food these days, and if that describes you, then 1958 Cuban Cuisine is a great spot to become acquainted with this terrific culinary tradition. They are known for serving large portions, so bring an empty stomach and be ready to take a doggy bag.

Food Similar to What You Can Find at 1958 Cuban Cuisine

They also offer outdoor dining, delivery, and takeout.


10. Millburn Standard

42 Main St, Millburn, NJ 07041

Our final entry is a great spot for standard American-style fare and cocktails. It's an outstanding place to rally the bowling team before a tournament. But don't underestimate their skill, as they also have an interesting list of dishes for more refined tastes.

They also have outdoor dining and takeout to suit your schedule.

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