8 Timeless Bathroom Trends for Your New Jersey Remodel

Posted on:  November 30, 2020

The New England area is known for its history and charm, but while older buildings are lovely to look at and explore, they can be a challenge to live in. If you're one of the numerous homeowners in New Jersey residing in a decades-old home, chances are the space doesn’t fully reflect your tastes and preferences. It may also not function as best it could.

8 Timeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends for Your New Jersey Remodel | JMC Home Improvement Specialists

Remodeling a bathroom opens up plenty of opportunities for incorporating the latest trends, but is that the best idea for your bathroom remodel? Timeless bathroom design elements won’t become dated in only a couple of years, and you can still add in smaller trendy details that are easier and less costly to change out. There are timeless bathroom design ideas from floor to ceiling that you should include in your New Jersey bathroom remodel. (make sure you know how much it costs beforehand).


What Timeless Bathroom Designs Never Go Out of Style?

While you want your bathroom to capture your personality, it’s also prudent to evaluate what changes and upgrades will have long-lasting value. Incorporating a few of those elements into your remodel enables you to create a trendy yet timeless bathroom that will provide you comfort while still appealing to future home buyers. Here is a few classic bathroom remodel trends to consider:


1. A White Palette

Although the colors trending right now are earthy greens, blues, black, and natural wood tones, white will always be the go-to base layer in bathrooms. Trending colors will change every year or so, but having white tile and white walls are a timeless choice you won’t feel the need to update annually. Instead, use trending colors on accessories, like rugs, baskets, and towels. If you’re okay with a little investment, paint your bathroom vanity with a trending color. It’s a smaller job than painting the walls and can be refinished in a couple of years when you’d like a refresh. 

All-white bathrooms have always been popular because they feel clean and tranquil. If you’re worried it may feel too stark or sterile, choose a warmer off-white shade. Off-white will pair beautifully with darker trending colors like black and navy. Essentially, an all-white color palette in your bathroom doesn’t mean it will lack personality or style. Rather, use a white bathroom as a canvas to apply changing tastes in smaller doses that won’t require a remodeling project sooner than later. 


2. Keep It CuratedTimeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends Minimalistic

The bathroom is a space where less is more. Any decor in a bathroom should be highly curated to keep the space feeling calm and neat. Art, plants, and other items give a space more personality and you should surround yourself with objects that bring you joy. However, in order to do this without making an already small space feel cluttered, invest in custom storage. Also, designate some spaces and surfaces to only serve as places for decor or plants. If you’re using open shelving for small plants and frames, for example, don’t use half of a shelf for face products. Be extra mindful of how you curate this small and heavily used space.


3. Ample StorageCircular Blog Images

Proper storage for all of your needs will never go out of style. Having the proper amount, and types of storage will enable you to follow the previous tip of keeping your space curated and clutter-free. Beyond the vanity, consider floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, a linen closet with a built-in laundry bin, or even a dressing room adjacent to your bathroom. Custom storage, where you consider exactly how you use your space and what would make it more efficient, is a timeless bathroom remodeling necessity. Discuss your storage needs with your New Jersey remodeler at the start of the design process to learn all the options available.


4. Make it MarbleTimeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends Marble

When it comes to timeless bathroom design elements, marble is a prime example. Whether you incorporate it into your shower walls or the vanity countertop, this classic material is both durable and attractive. Additionally, it fits well into nearly any design aesthetic, whether traditional or contemporary, while elevating a space to feel more luxurious. 

Marble is a beautiful material when used anywhere, but if making your New Jersey bathroom safe to age in place is a priority, avoid using marble on the floors. Wet marble can be very slippery, so focus instead on using marble at eye level.


5. Stick to Subway TilesTimeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends Subway Tile

Retiling a bathroom isn’t something you’ll want to do often, so choosing a material, color, and pattern with timeless appeal is a priority when remodeling your New Jersey bathroom. Subway tile has been a bathroom mainstay for quite some time, and for good reason. It fits into most design styles, from farmhouse to mid-century modern and more. Also, the clean lines of subway tile offer a quiet background to other elements in the bathroom, like a statement vanity or custom penny tile on the shower floor.   

Penny tiles are another traditional choice for your bathroom. These vintage bathroom tiles come in varying shades and you can place them however you want to create different shapes and patterns. Whichever type of bathroom tile you decide to use, make sure you get a competent contractor to lay them down for you. Nothing is a bigger eyesore than a bad tile job.


6. Freestanding TubTimeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends Standalone Tub

A freestanding tub is a statement piece. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find a model that works with your design style. While freestanding tubs are generally associated with larger master bathrooms, there are more compact versions to fit into smaller spaces. You can really make a statement with your tub with custom tile and stylish fixtures. Fixtures are like the jewelry of the freestanding tub and can be changed with changing trends. Like with many other larger pieces in the bathroom, invest in quality and choose a shape that blends well with many styles and your freestanding tub will last well into the future. 


7. Get Creative with Lighting SolutionsTimeless Bathroom Remodeling Trends Natural Light

No one wants to shower or get ready for the day in a dark, drab bathroom. When remodeling, it’s crucial to consider the kind of lighting you wish your bathroom to have, as it often serves as the cohesive force that glues all your additions together. Many homeowners are now installing LED lights in their bathrooms, as they use less energy and are more sustainable than generic light bulbs. They also radiate a calming bright glow and tend to last much longer. For example, a popular trend is to install a vanity mirror with LED lights built into the frame. Task lighting, in general, creates a very sophisticated bathroom environment.

You can also take advantage of natural light by installing larger windows or using sheers and skylights. Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor to change up the lighting will immediately affect the character of your bathroom. With the right lighting solutions, you can also enhance your home’s energy efficiency.


8. Incorporate New TechnologyHeated floors in New Jersey home

More and more homeowners are warming up to the idea of having smart bathrooms. Underfloor heating systems and integrated intelligent controls are especially popular because of the luxury and convenience they provide. High-tech toilets, motion-sensor faucets, warming drawers, voice-activated lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and spa-inspired shower amenities are other appealing choices.

Although modern technological features require a larger bathroom remodeling budget, they will help make your bathroom more comfortable and also increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell.


Designing a Trendy and Timeless Bathroom in New Jersey

Even when incorporating timeless design trends into your bathroom remodel, you still have the latitude to experiment and create a space that is tailored to your particular tastes and daily routines.

When you’re ready to discuss timeless trends for your bathroom remodel, find a design-build team that knows how to deliver a high-end bathroom that will age gracefully. JMC Home Improvement Specialists will help you select the features and materials that work for your bathroom renovation project, ultimately creating the comfortable, inviting sanctuary you envision, within your budget and beyond your expectations.

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