Renovation Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look More Sophisticated

Posted on:  November 11, 2019

Approximately 85% of the country’s homes were built before 1980 and hence require some form of home improvement. With that in mind, rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom require your utmost attention during remodeling, as these important spaces could make or break the overall outlook of your home. This piece will expound on some easy ways to bring a touch of class and elegance during your kitchen remodeling.

Tips for a Sophisticated Kitchen Remodel

How to Add Sophistication During Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen and bathroom are spaces where splurging during renovation is always a good idea. For starters, the kitchen has so much potential for visual aesthetics. A beautiful kitchen makes a bold statement to your guests. Furthermore, the kitchen space can be a social area, so creating the right ambiance for interaction is pivotal in any kitchen remodeling project. Here are some amazing tips for remodeling your kitchen to give it that wow factor.

Get the Layout Right

Even if you’re already satisfied with your current kitchen layout, it doesn’t hurt to explore new layout options and move with the current layout trends of the time. Have a sit-down with your kitchen remodeling contractor and sketch the perfect layout that will be both visually appealing and functional.

Always remember to place the fridge near the door, as anyone who enters the kitchen will likely be looking for this appliance. If your kitchen is roomy, you can isolate some space for your guests to sit down and eat. Ensure, however, that this sitting area does not disrupt movement to the sink, stove, or fridge.

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Add Some Ambient Lighting

Good lighting can elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen to a whole other level. Soft and warm incandescent lighting can set the perfect mood and ensure both family members and guests want to spend time in this space.

Kitchen lighting primarily comes in two forms: task lighting, for the kitchen work areas, and accent lighting, which is used to create the ambiance and desired mood in the kitchen. Under-cabinet lights and halogen lights are never a bad idea, especially for task lighting. Get creative with accent lights. Some homeowners have even adopted smart lights and chandeliers for their ambient kitchen lighting.

Don't Forget About the Details

The kitchen is a room where details really stand out. Kitchen hardware is where your upscale elegance shines, so you may want to splurge in this area. The traditional look is timeless and will give your kitchen a classic regal look. You can also settle for brushed brass on your cabinet handles to accentuate your kitchen’s warmth.

Contemporary metal works for any kitchen and matches seamlessly with your silverware and cutlery. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid outlandish colors for the kitchen and instead settle for the neutral colors and metals. Minor details, like you choice of knobs and pulls, could bring that much-coveted touch of elegance to your kitchen so be keen on details during your kitchen remodeling.

Focus on the Floor

Never compromise on the quality of your kitchen floor. The floor is a kitchen highlight you should take advantage of. The floor is a great complement to your kitchen’s interior, and there are many great options to choose from. Hand-scraped hardwood could pair well with marble countertops, for example. Exotic hardwood flooring is an excellent option for daring homeowners with a taste for the finer things. That said, you might want to opt for a marble or another tile in the kitchen.

A great-looking kitchen can increase your home’s value by quite a significant margin. Therefore, spare no effort or expense during your kitchen remodeling. Always consult with your kitchen remodeling contractors every step of your home remodeling so your kitchen meets your exact specifications.


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