Narrowing Down Where to Renovate: A Guide to Help You Get Started

Posted on:  November 7, 2019

Looking for ways to freshen up your home? You’re not alone.

Most homeowners choose to renovate their space to either upgrade the value of the property or to liven up their living situation for themselves. No matter what your reasoning is, renovating your property is a great idea for any family, couple, or single homeowner. If you feel conflicted and uncertain of where to start, continue reading. Here are the pros of renovating certain rooms and spaces in your home. After reading, you should be able to narrow down which project suits you best.

Where to Renovate A Guide to Help Get Started

The Kitchen

Most homeowners start with a kitchen remodel. It’s one of the more popular renovation projects; after all, even a minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment of 82.7%.

The Pros

The kitchen is a valuable and highly utilized space. It’s also not just for cooking. The kitchen is one of the largest social hubs in the home— it’s a place to bake cookies together as a family, prepare holiday meals, and even help with homework on the counter.

Enhancing this space with a kitchen remodel means you'll have more room to do those things you love.

Who should renovate their kitchen?

Don’t feel like you need to be a 4-star chef in order to justify giving your kitchen a makeover. The majority of family members will utilize this spot, not just your family’s main cook. Other members may pass through the new walk in pantry to pick out an afternoon snack or grill up some food on Super Bowl Sunday. Plus, with newer appliances and a more open floor plan, you may feel inspired enough to start cooking even more delicious home cooked meals.

Strongly consider upgrading this area of your home if you love to have family over or throw small get togethers with friends. Change the layout to make it more inviting, or upgrade your appliances for new and modern ones to make healthy meal prep a breeze.

The Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is also another incredibly important room in your home. Getting adequate sleep is crucial when trying to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, so consider upgrading your master bedroom if your sleep patterns have been lackluster.

The Pros

Renovating your master bathroom has many perks. For starters, you can create a cozier space. Having a room where you can wind down after a long day can combat stress and anxiety. It can also increase your mood and your productivity.

Who should renovate their master bedroom?

If you feel like your closet is too cramped, or that your room requires more natural light, you should spring for a master bedroom renovation.

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The Master Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is another popular home improvement project. Bathroom additions offer an average return investment of 86.4%.

The Pros

Your home's value will skyrocket. Also, keep in mind that a master bathroom should be renovated every 15 years.

Who should renovate their master bathroom?

If your bathroom is older, you should definitely consider this as your first renovation project. It is an excellent place to start.

Wrapping up

When it comes to renovating your home, don’t feel like you have to stop after one room. Home remodeling contractors can help you design an efficient plan to conduct the perfect full home renovation. But if you want to take it one room at a time, use this guide to help you determine which room to flip first. A kitchen remodel is perfect for a bigger family, while a master bedroom renovation is wonderful for folks who struggle to fall asleep in an outdated bedroom.

Regardless of your choice, you’re sure to get way more out of your home once a gorgeous home renovation is completed.

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