Signs It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom

Posted on:  December 11, 2019

Did you know bathroom additions add an average return investment of 86% to your home?

However, that’s not the only good news. Remodeling your bathroom can add so much more space to your home. It can make your house feel more modern, yet classic — with the right upgrades. If you have wanted to hire a bathroom contractor and get started, but don’t know if now is a good time, here are signs it’s time to upgrade your bathroom.

Signs Its Time to Renovate Your Bathroom

Sign #1: You have moved into an older home

If you have just purchased your first home, congratulations!

Buying your first home is without a doubt an overwhelming experience, especially if you have just moved into an older home. You may have countless ideas for how to renovate but don’t know where exactly to start. Beginning with your bathroom is an excellent idea. A full kitchen renovation may be a larger project you can save for further down the line. A bathroom remodel, however, is a much smaller and manageable project anyone can accomplish. Wrapping up the renovations can also give you the momentum you need to give the rest of your house a makeover.

Sign #2: You are expanding your family

You don’t realize how crucial bathroom space until the room is absolutely overcrowded. A full bathroom can cause a lot of stress and tension within your family. For example, not having an adequate amount of time to get ready in the morning can cause you to be late to work or school or another important function. There is nothing worse than running late, so why risk it?

So, whether you are planning on having more kids, or have recently had a new family member move in, contact a bathroom contractor to help you expand and renovate so you never have to worry about this problem affecting your home life.

Sign #3: You notice your space isn’t serving you any longer

If being in a certain room gives you a sense of stress and uneasiness — nothing is ever clean or organized and finding what you need is a challenge — this is a major red flag. Navigating your bathroom should be a breeze. Everything should have a place, and finding what you need should only take seconds. A bathroom remodeling contractor can help redesign your space and build the necessary storage you need to make your life easier.

Sign #4: You love to pamper yourself

Many people have different ways they love to pamper themselves. However, If winding down in a hot bath with a glass of wine sounds like the perfect way to decompress to you, a bathroom remodel is an excellent investment that you will no doubt utilize every single day.

Sign #5: This is your forever home

Renovating may seem pointless if you can’t see yourself living in your house for a prolonged amount of time. But if you have decided that your current house is indeed your forever home, renovation plans should be a must in your foreseeable future. Homeowners typically remodel every ten years or so. This ensures that the house never looks or feels outdated while you are living in it. Again, it’s worth the effort if you love your current home and cannot see yourself living anywhere else.

Finding the right bathroom contractor to get started

Finding the right bathroom contractor to help you get started is no easy task. They should have the experience you’re looking for, but should also possess an extreme eye for detail. Luckily, you don’t have to scour the web for the perfect bathroom remodeling candidate. Contact us today to inquire about our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. You’re sure to find the perfect, well-equipped professional who can help you bring your vision for your home to life.

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