Award-Winning Remodel Story: Reconfiguring Space to Create the Ultimate Master Suite

Posted on:  September 28, 2020

Creating a spacious master suite is one of the top ways to increase the value of your home, not to mention make an investment into your personal life and enhance the satisfaction you receive from the space.

Sometimes, however, to get the most bang for your buck, you have to get a bit creative with your bathroom remodel in Northern New Jersey. It’s important to explore various options besides simply upgrading your existing bathroom if you want to find the right comprehensive solution for your entire master suite and upgrade your home for the next stage of your life.

Award-winning remodel story Reconfiguring space to create the perfect master suite

Remodel Master Bedroom and Bath

One example of how creative thinking helped a bathroom remodel exceed expectations was a project JMC Home Improvement Specialists did in 2017. The Northern New Jersey homeowners wanted a larger and better functioning master suite. When our designers looked at not only the master bedroom but also the surrounding rooms, they felt that reconfiguring those spaces in conjunction with the project would be a better solution than simply remodeling the existing bathroom. They considered the floorplan for the master bathroom, as well as walk-in closet floor plans before landing on a solution: A master suite that not only included a beautiful new elegant bath, but also two large walk-in closets and a laundry room located right off the master’s hall.

Floor Plan BEFORE Remodel

BEFORE - Master Suite Floor Plans for Remodel in New Jersey


Floor Plan AFTER Remodel


To accomplish this transformation, our team at JMC borrowed space from an existing guest bedroom to create the new en suite and expansive walk-in closet. We then reconstructed the existing bathroom into another walk-in closet and laundry room. Previously, the master only had two reach-in closets and a much smaller bathroom. We also created a private toilet room that would allow more than one person to be using the space at a time and a his and her vanity with drawer storage and a built-in makeup area.

Master bedroom bathroom remodeling ideas - built-in makeup counter

The new bathroom featured an elegant spa-like atmosphere, complete with a calm taupe and cream color palette, overhead recessed lighting, decorative sconces at the vanities, and two windows and a glass panel French door that augmented the flow of natural light. In the floor-to-ceiling built-in shower, stone shelves were installed to accommodate bathing toiletries and the homeowners could enjoy a combination of the fixed showerhead, handheld sprayer, and body sprayers. Radiant flooring was installed beneath the tile flooring to bring more warmth to the space. Finally, we added a built-in linen closet with glass doors and a hidden pullout hamper.

Master bedroom bathroom remodeling ideas - linen closet with built-in laundry hamper

This master bedroom and bath remodel won the 2017 North East Regional Contractor of the Year Award (Coty) in the Residential Bath category for the National Association of Remodeling’s (NARI) Contractor of the Year competition. The project also won the Grand Coty from NARI’s Northern New Jersey Chapter. More importantly, the new configuration was a better fit for the homeowner and transformed their space into something far better than they expected with the added benefit of two new walk-in closets and a laundry room.


Master Bedroom Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Whether you’re planning a master suite addition or renovating an existing space to become your luxury master bedroom and bathroom in Morris County, the goal is to personalize the space so it looks and functions the way you need and want it to. Here are some master suite floor plans and remodeling ideas to consider for your project:


1. Two Walk-in Closets

There are a variety of master bathroom closet combinations you can select for your master suite. Since most master bedrooms are shared by two partners, it’s a good idea to include enough closet space for both. Having two walk-in closets ensures both partners have privacy and an area to store and organize their clothes and personal belongings the way they desire. The master bathroom should also include a closet or linen closet to store towels, cleaning products, and other bathroom necessities for both you and your spouse.


2. A Cozy Fireplace

With New Jersey’s frosty winters, a fireplace in your master suite addition serves both a practical purpose and improves the aesthetic of your space. You can select a fireplace option that complements your overall bathroom style, whether it’s traditional, modern, transitional, or spa style. Even a simple gas stove adds a nice touch and makes your luxury bathroom cozier.


3. Master Bedroom with Two Bathrooms

There are any number of master suite floorplans to choose from. Over the past decade, however, topping off a master bedroom with his and her bathrooms has become an increasingly popular remodeling trend for luxury homes. Not only does this option give you and your partner more privacy, but you can also include the features you want the most and decorate your bathroom to your unique tastes.


4. Incorporating a Sitting Area

Another convenient but often overlooked component for a master suite is some type of sitting area. Whether it’s a window seat, a plush loveseat, or a small table and chairs by the fireplace, the inclusion of seating in your master suite means you have a place to relax and reflect, read a book and sip tea, or even do tasks such as painting your nails or putting on shoes. Plus, seating often completes the whole look of your master suite.


5. Relocating Your Laundry Room

Homeowners are rethinking the placement of their laundry facilities, which have traditionally been located in a remote part of the house or on a different story than the master suite. Having a washer and dryer in your bathroom or a room adjacent to your master suite is much more convenient. You can be washing loads of laundry while you’re getting ready in the morning or before going to bed at night without having to run to a different area of the house. It also makes the trip from the dryer to your closet much shorter. Plus, there is something inherently satisfying about wrapping up in a warm towel after a bath.

Master Bedroom Bathroom Suite Remodel in New Jersey


Remodeling Your New Jersey Bathroom

When it comes to what floorplan, materials, and features you want for your master suite, the options are nearly limitless. However, there’s also a chance that some creative problem-solving could help your bathroom renovation exceed your expectations. Our team at JMC can help you think outside the box in terms of optimizing the space you have available and creating the ideal master suite to satisfy the tastes of you and your partner.

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